If you ever need an example of the level of competence within CBR here it is. A newly redesigned and injection moulded dropout to replace the original Look design.

Why did we change it? The left picture shows the original carbon dropout which is poor frankly. You can’t, without considerable risk, re-align the hanger without snapping the carbon dropout because there is NO support from the skewer when the wheel is fitted. There is too much reliance on the strength of this carbon section when, in fact, it needs to be less exposed.

This repair was for a Swiss client who loves the bike but after trying to repair it we gave up and suggested that we re-design the dropout to a different hanger system which he can replace as per normal if the hanger is damaged.

I don’t criticize the rest of the bike or the company but in our opinion this design, like some other manufacturers, have fallen short in this department. I would like to hear from Look as to why this is so. It is possible we have missed something obvious. I would be happy to share that update with you all in due course.


We had an opportunity to repair an RS1 fork and at the same time give it a custom respray in KTM Orange. We love the result and we have another happy customer.


A few months ago we started a sympathetic restoration, on a classic ONCE LOOK KG 171 Edition TdF rosΓ©. Carbon technology has moved forward at such a massive speed, the aluminum lugged carbon frame is very much of the older manufacturing school. Four repairs to very thick, rather rigid carbon tubes and a fair amount of re bonding will bring it back from the scrapheap. This frame is number 164 of about 200 ever made. Looking forward to seeing this bike back on the road.

Can a loose bottom bracket shell be repaired? In most cases yes, press fit or threaded bottom brackets, we can fix them. So instead of getting rid of your carbon bike with a wobbly BB, bring it in so we can bring it back to it’s former glory.

Can you extend an integrated seatpost? One of our customers bought a Bianchi time trial bike that was previously owned by someone a little smaller. To make his setup correct, we added another 70 mm to the seatpost.
This is a cost effective alternative to getting an entirely new frame or bicycle.

The Pinarello Dogma has been built up, to say we have a happy customer is a bit of an understatement. Many happy miles.

A few weeks ago we got a damaged Pinarello Dogma in with 5 fractures to the rear of the frame. Many hours later shes back to full strength and awaiting a new coat of paint.

The Trek Domane Project 6 is in one piece and making its way to paint soon, the pink is just a teaser of whats to come. Next update in a few days. It’s going to be ridden at 94.7 so we better hurry.


One of the most overlooked things when buying a carbon bike, is the torque settings on bolts. Aluminium and steel bikes are a lot more forgiving. If you plan on adjusting any bolts that can compress any carbon you should always use a torque wrench to avoid damaging the frame or components. You should also stick to the manufactures recommended torque settings. That way you avoid damage to your bike and can spend more time riding.

Our customers defined us out of a need for repair and restoration which offered a safe and economical option to replacement back when carbon repair was in its infancy. As a business we responded effectively and now we find ourselves serving the same needs here in South Africa as part of a global carbon repair company with endorsements most others could only dream of.

However..we want to learn what YOU want from us. We are excited to show off the quality of our repairs and restoration so come and meet the team!