With the current lockdown we thought we would reminisce on some of last year’s highlights. We did

the Sani2C Trail, one of the most amazing and best organised events on the South African MTB calendar.

Brilliant trails and wonderful food made it rather memorable.

Not all damaged carbon bikes are beyond repair. Don’t discard them, regardless of what the bike shop tells you. You’ll be surprised..

The Trek Project 6 has done over 2000km, finished 5 x 100km races and is still in perfect condition. She is being retired.

A few months ago we started a sympathetic restoration, on a classic ONCE LOOK KG 171 Edition TdF rosé. Carbon technology has moved forward at such a massive speed, the aluminum lugged carbon frame is very much of the older manufacturing school. Four repairs to very thick, rather rigid carbon tubes and a fair amount of re bonding will bring it back from the scrapheap. This frame is number 164 of about 200 ever made. Looking forward to seeing this bike back on the road.

Can you extend an integrated seatpost? One of our customers bought a Bianchi time trial bike that was previously owned by someone a little smaller. To make his setup correct, we added another 70 mm to the seatpost.
This is a cost effective alternative to getting an entirely new frame or bicycle.

This past Saturday the CBR team were up a little earlier, 5h30 start time. We started off at a relaxed pace enjoying the Cradle of Humankind World heritage site along the way. This coming weekend,we are competing in another 100 km road race called the Fast One, should be a blast.

The Pinarello Dogma has been built up, to say we have a happy customer is a bit of an understatement. Many happy miles.

Our Pinarello Dogma got its new Leopard print blue and white colour scheme, as per the customers request. Certainly let the cat out the bag on this one.

A fairly common problem we see is stuck seat posts in carbon frames. Avoid grease when assembling your bike, especially on any carbon parts in the frame. Some greases have chemicals that attack the resin, in time this causes the post to swell and get stuck. Rather use a carbon specific assembly paste which contains grit particles to keep your post in place.

So the TREK is moving along nicely, got rolling chassis going to get an idea of how its going to look.