With a top tube fracture on my road bike, is it worth repairing and is it safe? If you use qualified carbon technicians and sprayers yes definitely. The repairs and paint restoration are indetectable and done to original finish. In this case our customer felt the graphics where too busy, so we neatened up the look for a cleaner end product.

I seem to be posting a fair bit of Colnago related stuff. This is not a true reflection on a various brands we work on every day. That said CBR have 2 of only 9 in the UK. Both suffered some sort of damage and require precise restoration.


Take your favourite bike, bring it in for a top tube fracture repair – come away with an inspiring personalised bike that is an extension of you.
Our client liked to introduce a hummingbird concept to her bike. After some ‘mood boarding’ we sprayed the wonderful bird colours as an effect juxtaposed with a flat gold ‘tattoo’ graphic of the bird near the head tube.
The challenge to avoid a potentially embarrassing concept has been met with great joy. The net result is not wanting to ride the bike for fear of scratching it. Summer here she comes!

This was a bad one. It seems the CF is a bit fragile when it comes to rear mech failure compared with other brands. It is a great bike but if you have one like this don’t skip it!

All matt olive and dark grey finish gives this ropey red Intense and new lease of life. We guarantee it 😉

I don’t know about you but I like riding my favorite bike whatever the weather.

There is a lot of misinformation regarding winter damage to carbon frames. Whether it is winter or summer you still need to keep your bike clean. If you leave ingress on the bike after a wet ride then that can eventually cause problems. It is not only specific to winter.

Granted grit is only used in the cold months but as long as you are sweating over your frame on the turbo you are doing the same as you would on a winter ride. Wash it down and get the salts off. Salt eats at the cable stops and gets under the lacquer where is it damaged but it can’t really penetrate directly through lacquer or carbon itself.

The group set is likely to experience more moisture in winter then in summer but again, if you lube the chain correctly and clean the bike when you are done it should be fine! Wash it down while it is still wet and get some WD40 or GT85 or whatever brand you use onto the moving parts. You can spray some onto a clean cloth and wipe the frame down but don’t leave it wet. Use common sense!

So ride the bike that you love unless you like punishing yourself on a rubbish frame so you ride with wings in the warmer months….. fair enough but well maintained carbon bikes are fine in all weathers.

Thanks for your support and endorsement. It has been a fantastic year.

Merry Christmas and a good cycling New Year from us all at CBR!

CBR welcomes Pierangelo Lorenzi to the spray team. Piero sprayed for Pelizzoli bikes in Italy amongst others. He brings excellent skills to our custom portfolio and restoration. Our pledge is to deliver faster lead times to our consistency and high standards which we are known for.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say THANK YOU for the amazing job you’ve done on my bike!

the incident, I thought she had to be scrapped and I was gutted at the
thought of it; especially as the bike was only 2 weeks old when it was
reversed over by a crazy truck driver.

last few months, I had become somewhat disconnected from the whole
situation whilst waiting for the insurance to pay out and then, for you
to repair and restore the bike back to new. However, I was pleasantly
surprised at my own reaction when picking it up yesterday afternoon: as soon as I stepped out of your office, I got straight back on the saddle and it was as if no time had passed.

cannot express how happy and grateful I’m for restoring my bike back to
its originally glorious state; and I cannot wait to create new memories
with it as I venture back out on the roads!

Yours Faithfully, Tania
P.S. Please see attached photo!

‘Thanks guys, Absolutely amazing job. Would never have believed it..’ Paul N.

– Sheared seat tube repair

– Restored the black areas, decal and stencil sprayed in the silver ‘65.1′ logo

– Guaranteed for repair and paint. Cost – approx 6 times less then a replacement frame that matches your preference…

This repair we take on with caution. A head tube impact causes a lot of damage to the frame and possibly the forks. You can see where the forks have cantilevered the head tube into the downtube and ripped out the bearing cups. The forks need replacement at best, at worse a full deep scan inspection to the steerer in particular.

After comprehensive stress testing this frame has been successfully repaired in probably less time then a replacement frame…that is if you can still get one in the colour you like! Viva repair!