Here is another example of a wheel repair and restoration. What the pictures don’t show are the extent of the damage. This wheel hit a pavement and inflicted deep scratches into the rim and brake track all the way around as well as a small puncture hole. We also supply all the decals specific to that model so in many cases it is possible to safely repair, restore and test at a approximately 5 x less then a £1500 wheel replacement. Any issues and the customer can sent it back.

We have seen a number of 404’s this month with similar fractures. This is a pre-finished example of a ‘near spoke pull-through’

Back on the road for a fraction of the price of a replacement 🙂

I was sent a set of Bontrager 700’s that had melted down an Alpine run. The rear wheel profile was deformed from the incorrect pads and brake surface was de-laminated. Luckily the wheel was still true so I took on the project.

Firstly the profile had to be reset by creating a mold of the correct profile. After cutting away the damaged area I rebuilt the wheel and brake surface. It is important to get the weight the same so there is no bias to a heaver side. The wheels are as good as new.