One of the more serious fractures to inflict on a bike. This repair required moulds to ensure bearing seat profiles were 100% accurate to Trek tolerances ensuring, apart from failing, that you dont have any creek often associated with the BB bearings…Those who hate noise know what I am talking about..

A pretty bad break in the middle of the seat post. This fracture was caused by the seat post breaking through the seat tube during an impact. It is a dangerous repair if not executed correctly.

This is a typical non-warranty claim so the owner had no choice but to try to save his beloved frame. He wanted a full restore. He got his bike back 🙂

Another unfortunate bike falls victim to the chain. Having repaired many such ‘injuries’ this one looks as though the repaired section is cleaner then the rest of the bike! I will spray black or white when it makes more sense then to simply coat with lacquer. This is not part of the repair quote.

Another sad but all too typical worn brake tracks on perfectly good wheels. It’s a time consuming job to ensure the re-build is flush, level and can withstand high heat and abrasion. Don’t ask what I use…it’s not off-the-shelf epoxy.