All matt olive and dark grey finish gives this ropey red Intense and new lease of life. We guarantee it 😉

We repair carbon bikes but we also provide a restore service for repaired bikes.
You don’t just get your bike repaired, you wouldn’t know where the damage occurred!
CBR is the go-to-restore centre for all out-of-warranty repairs and restoration. YOU have a choice on cost.

From fiction to reality. Customize your bike by breathing new life into your beloved ride. Our client knew exactly what he wanted. All we did was to lay it out with the correct type font and position for his approval. Once approved the bike goes to the workshop with the correct documentation to be processed. Many people ask about gloss decals on matt. How do you do it? Well it’s not a gloss decal sticker I can tell you…

Multiple top tube fracture resulted in a complex restore of decals and multi coloured lines. The result is a slightly better finish then the original! I kid you not..

This month has seen some great custom re-sprays heading out of our workshops. A brand new Venge, a LOOK, 2 old Sky Dogma’s and most noteby the Handsling Racing prototype which looks outstanding. Many of our clients rely on us to assist with a design configuration which is sent to them for change requests and approval.

Here with a Venge being prepped, base coated and cured for custom livery. We don’t spray over the old decals. It all needs to be hand stripped to carbon to ensure the best finish and adhesion.

BMC Time Machine restoration of the top tube. We laser cut our own decals and colour match paints. With the amount of variation we see every day we have good knowledge of the paint processes of most manufacturers.