Don’t always believe that your bike is toast after you hear the awful crunch and snap of the carbon as you see it bouncing off the tarmac behind your mates…It’s OK even if you are not OK…

We provide owner lifetime repair warranties on some parts of the bike above and beyond the manufacturer warranty. Ask for details.

From fiction to reality. Customize your bike by breathing new life into your beloved ride. Our client knew exactly what he wanted. All we did was to lay it out with the correct type font and position for his approval. Once approved the bike goes to the workshop with the correct documentation to be processed. Many people ask about gloss decals on matt. How do you do it? Well it’s not a gloss decal sticker I can tell you…

Got this Cube Litening that had a side impact. The seat stay was broken off at the top and bottom of the chain stay. The seat stay piece was also snapped into two pieces. The first job was to align the broken parts together with a strong epoxy on the frame itself. Once cured in perfect alignment the repair could begin. Each break was rebuilt with 5 layups of different CF weave to ensure stiffness. In this case I resprayed the repair.

I was sent a set of Bontrager 700’s that had melted down an Alpine run. The rear wheel profile was deformed from the incorrect pads and brake surface was de-laminated. Luckily the wheel was still true so I took on the project.

Firstly the profile had to be reset by creating a mold of the correct profile. After cutting away the damaged area I rebuilt the wheel and brake surface. It is important to get the weight the same so there is no bias to a heaver side. The wheels are as good as new.

Bianchi Infinito. Down tube was damaged. 8 x uni and bi carbon fibre layup. Frame still weighs as per original