Assessment & Inspection Report:

We offer a complete assessment of any damaged bicycle and provide a comprehensive inspection report. This includes pictures as well as endoscopic, microscopic and thermographic images.

Our findings differentiate between incident and non-incident related damages.

If it is not safe to repair, we will replace. We include pricing for repairs and for bike and part replacements.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs and a one year warranty on paint work. p=817

More information on how we work and our processes can be found on this video link of our affiliate company in the UK:

Carbon Inspection Techniques:

We use various technologies to accurately establish the extent of carbon damage through four stages:

Stage One: A visual inspection marking all points of obvious damage, i.e. carbon, mechanical and cosmetic.

Stage Two: Closer inspection with loupe and torch to identify hairline fractures, i.e less obvious damage.

Stage Three: Digital micro and endoscope inspection are used in this stage to further inspect areas of suspected carbon fractures (both internally and externally) not apparent in the first two stages.

Stage Four: Any suspicion of fractures not found in the above three stages will result in further inspection using thermal imaging technology in order to get an even deeper view into the carbon.

What we do for Insurance Companies:

  • 1

    Action assessment request

    Scrutinize supplied documentation to ensure we have all information necessary to collect the bicycle and provide an assessment and inspection report (eg. Claim number, Insured details, Incident description, Collection details).

  • 2

    Organize collection of full bicycle

    We arrange with the insured and our partnered bicycle shops to box and courier the bicycle to our workshop.


  • 3

    Follow our assessment and inspection process

    Utilizing the various carbon inspection techniques.

  • 4

    Compile and submit inspection report

    Comprehensive and detailed inspection including findings, costs, options and recommendations.