It must be Colnago week for complex repairs. This frame suffered a massive head-on collision but after a full thermo scan we were able to confirm that only the head tube lugs and tube ends were damaged making it an economical repair. Lug bonded joints are always slighly more tricky to repair as you have 2 sets of repairs as opposed to only the tube intersections of a monocoque. We replaced and repaired the lugs in the traditional manner, rebonded and stress tested the frame slightly beyond the required pressures. Only once passed QC’d was it paint restored with particle specific Colnago metallic blue and flat white colours to finish the frame to perfection.

Yet another would-be-trashed bike with a safe new lease of life.

Here is a cross section of repairs we consider to be complex where the structure, at one location, is under huge load.

Cyclist’s will know what they are looking at here, some might even wince at the thought of failure in such areas. However, as carbon repair engineers we know how to repair these parts safely but we also know how not to ‘over-repair.’

An over-strengthened’ repair can run the risk of weakening another part of the frame. Repairs must only be made to the specification set out for that frame.

Pic 1 shows an example of a ‘tough’ repair (blue arrows) which can withstand a reoccurring impact only affecting the original carbon (red arrow).