We don’t often see Santa Cruz frames at Carbon Bike Repair as they are built incredibly tough. This High tower frame had a large top

tube fracture two thirds of its length. This was a strange fracture on a top tube of a mountain bike, especially the size of the fracture. It’s

far more common to see damage to the sides of a top tube rather than the top and centre. After a comprehensive repair and restoration

bringing it back to the factory finish, it was ready for the trails again.

We recently received  a Pinarello Dogma frame that had a sizable fracture in the downtube at the water bottle mount. The repair was a little tricky as the shape is asymmetrical and took a little longer than usual to profile. After the repairs, we completed a two colour restoration to meet the clients budget.

The silver colour of the ‘A’ was changed to match the white of the ‘Dogma’ logo as the client didn’t like the look. Another Pinarello back to on the road with a happy customer.