A De Rosa Avant was recently brought in for a total restore of the paint work. This service also comes with a full inspection of the carbon to ensure the bike is in good shape for its refurbishment. Restoring frames are generally the hardest part of our work here at CBR. There are degrees of quality but nowhere to hide should it not look seamless. I am sure when the customer collects this he will think we swapped it out for a new frame!

Multiple top tube fracture resulted in a complex restore of decals and multi coloured lines. The result is a slightly better finish then the original! I kid you not..

Here with a Venge being prepped, base coated and cured for custom livery. We don’t spray over the old decals. It all needs to be hand stripped to carbon to ensure the best finish and adhesion.

BMC Time Machine restoration of the top tube. We laser cut our own decals and colour match paints. With the amount of variation we see every day we have good knowledge of the paint processes of most manufacturers.