The Trek Project 6 has done over 2000km, finished 5 x 100km races and is still in perfect condition. She is being retired.

We have seen a number of 404’s this month with similar fractures. This is a pre-finished example of a ‘near spoke pull-through’

Back on the road for a fraction of the price of a replacement 🙂

We get very nervous when a bike like a Mclaren Venge comes in for repair. Getting the layup just right in the correct carbon is important for the ride characteristics. Colour matching has to be bang on. This frame is now 100% perfect. It looks and weighs exactly the same. Thank you for your trust in us!

Damaged while trying to remove the pedals by using the seat post as leverage without the clamp fastened. It can happen to anyone! The seat post broke through the seat tube cut away. The bike was 2 weeks old. Customer was so gutted that his wife sorted out the repair. When he collected it I believe he was over the moon to have it 100% as it was before.