On occasion we help out when a perfectly good TT bike can’t be used because of a sheared bolt. We drilled out the original shaft and cleaned out the threads. As a result we can still use the same bolt size.  Result – P3 saved.

A tip – sweat or energy fluids travelling down the tubes corrode alloy components. When you are done riding make sure you wash the frame down and spray some lube in these areas. Aslo check cable entry points. That’s a big one!

This is the pre-spray stage which may not be that exciting but is a vital part of the final finish. A base coat is applied to show up any defects. Final carbon filler is applied. No body putty here! The decals are printed and laser cut ready to be applied once the base colours are all sprayed. Next we take you through the spraying process at CBR’s new ‘bikelab.’