Another carbon dropout high compression rebuild.

Felt TT downtube fracture. Carbon matched layup and respray

We don’t post every repair obviously but some we like to share. If your carbon dropout is worn on the skewer face then your wheel will not be centered and could possibly fall out of the frame. This is a design flaw which should include an alloy face that wears and grips better. Here is one that was not ride able until we modified and bonded in a new more improved version!

With carbon fiber as the worlds most abundant element in today’s race ready frames you would think that everyone would be happy….. but there is a problem. We see this ‘problem’ a lot in our line of work. The ‘problem’ is understanding and maintaining carbon fiber bikes and wheels.

In essence your carbon bike is a ‘Formula1’ race car. You don’t see one down the local garage do you? This is a crazy situation we find ourselves in as some customers ignore the instruction manuals and torque wrench settings supplied by the manufacturer.  In some cases the manufacturer might not be as effective in conveying the fragility element of carbon frames to avoid alarm!  Who knows but it is costing the industry and consumers more then they bargained for in my opinion.

UCI competition rules require the pro peloton ride only commercially available bikes. This is great for the amateur market to indulge in but a warranty nightmare for the manufacturers who’s customers, many of which, simply don’t understand how to handle such a fragile machine.

Manufacturers, on behalf of their customers, can benefit from reputable carbon repair specialists for 3 good reasons:

1. Maintaining brand loyalty from non-warranty claims .

2. Borderline warranty inspections to resolve conflict.

3. Fracture feedback on problematic frames.

By endorsing a carbon repair service in some cases will make warranty claims less fraught. Just having the choice will benefit everyone.

More Venge’s. Didn’t know there were that many! Some customers look to CBR to custom spray new designs. No small task if you know the value of these frames.

At last the P3 is getting its first base coat. It has taken a while to get to this frame again as it is not a priority repair but I am looking forward to proving that it is fully competitive again.

Dean Downing’s frame came in for top tube and bottle cage insert repair. The only advice I can give you on this model frame is DON”T over tighten the bottle cage too much. I think due to the very thin down tube it can’t hold the compressed rivet tightly enough so it ends up spinning. I think the colour matching pink worked out well enough 🙂