Pre repair and post repair inspections are key to ensuring that we have control over the quality and the warranty of our repairs.

Thermography is the ultimate in flaw detection. It has taken 4 years to identify a process which provides primary flaw detection using infra-red energy and 4k thermo imaging to read energy dissipation over a surface therefore providing an in-depth view of the state of the carbon. It is a myth that traditional x-ray can find all fractures when in fact what it is good for is manufacture compliance for wall thickness and anomalies such as air pockets which it reads best through cross section.This is not good enough. HD Thermography is not constrained by any shape, thickness variation or angle.

This system was developed for specific carbon inspection requirements. Not only is this effective for flaw detection at the pre-repair stage but also for post-repair inspections. We are confident at this stage of the inspection evolution that we using the best carbon flaw detection technology available to ensure conclusive results.

There are many occasions where frames are needlessly written-off.Β  We hope you feel more confident in asking us to check over your bike before you take someone’s word for it.

You are seeing the first carbon bike repair diagnostic 4k image of a multi fracture repair. In addition to ultrasound this is the first of it’s kind adapted for Carbon Bike Repair to inspect hidden fractures and post repair quality control . Basically the even surface colour is an indicator of when new and the old carbon are integrated successfully. In other words – This Cannondale multi fracture top tube restoration has passed QC to specification of this model.

…resulting in meaningful warranty promises and ultimately your safety.