Probably the hardest restoration there is on a current commercial bike in our experience. Scott graphics are tricky but that still does not limit our ability to replicate accurately. We utilise our comprehensive archive of official graphic stock library to be able to restore the un-restorable.

This bike had 2 drive side stay fractures and graphics damage in 3 locations. Now repaired and restored with full repair lifetime warranty at a fraction of the replacement price.

Don’t always believe that your bike is toast after you hear the awful crunch and snap of the carbon as you see it bouncing off the tarmac behind your mates…It’s OK even if you are not OK…

We provide owner lifetime repair warranties on some parts of the bike above and beyond the manufacturer warranty. Ask for details.

To assume that carbon bikes are more fragile would be unfair when like-for-like comparisons with alloy or steel are comparing apples to pears. The populist idea that carbon fibre is stronger then steel has undoubtedly fed sales in carbon bikes. What you are paying for is weight over stiffness. When manufacturers produce carbon frames which weigh 700g or less then you must concede something. No one is doubting carbon’s ability to deliver the wattage however some manufacturer’s are super aggressive in designing impressive specifications.

That said, most carbon bikes are good for purpose and well within safety parameters however some would still argue that we, the customers, have become ‘bug fixers’ for the development of carbon bikes and components. So here is a bit of advice: Avoid the first released models if at all possible…

This post clearly illustrates one of the ways customers can achieve the custom design they are after with the assistance of our design service.

As the downtube was being repaired, a rough illustration was submitted to us. We optimised the design to deliver their unique expression of what good custom design is – Balanced, individual and well executed.

Another example of a Colnago C59 repair completed to 100% detail match. After the frame is pressure tested for compliance it is ready to be rebuilt to the customer spec here in our service centre and will be ready for dispatch later today.
The repair comes with an owners lifetime warranty.

Here are some warning signs when looking for a trustworthy carbon repair service:

1 – ‘Pre-Preg’ Pre impregnated carbon fibre is used during the mould making stage of a frame. It is not suitable for repair in most cases.

2 – An autoclave (oven) is used to cure pre preg carbon fibre. This process can damage some graphics and components found on used frames. Autoclaves are usually found in manufacturer and fabrication plants. If the quote is cheap and they mention this – walk away..

2 – ‘Fibre optimisation’ A smart word for lining up the fibres to produce certain characteristics in the design of the bike. This should be a std process.

3 – ‘Space age technology’. No one outside of NASA or Surrey Satellite Technology, for example, know what their components are made of or how they produce them. Space ships and bicycles are different disciplines.

The best judge of a competent carbon repair service is to either visit the facility, ask your local bike shop, read reviews or speak to them on the phone. Your repaired bike must be in good order and within the manufacturer specification. If you can’t get that reassurance then keep searching!

This frame needs little introduction – Wiggins white custom painted Pinarello unfortunately sustained a top tube fracture across some rather important graphics of his achievements in road racing.

Once repaired the top tube was restored to its original state.

Willier Cento 1 seatstay fracture. Ultrasound inspection showed no additional de-lamination.
Client required a full restore to show through a hint of the repair as the rest of the finish shows the carbon layup under the black so it blends in a bit better.
Repair and paint warrantied for life of ownership which is only a fraction of the replacement cost and delay – that’s if they have your colour in stock..

It might have taken over a year to finance, design and build the ultimate ‘bike hospital’, inspection, custom spray and service centre all-in-one but we got there in the end. Now we’re just ironing out the niggles. Sorry to all our patient customers, we will soon be at full power! Please make sure you check in by phone or check this website for booking dates before visiting us with your bike.

Safer, faster and better service then ever before. Thanks again for the support over the years. We will share more over the coming weeks.

It’s nearly goodbye to the old and into the new workshops for the repair team. Regardless we still have fun creating and repairing bikes the across the cycling community from Mapei Cervelo’s (yes..) to Wiggins’s own white F8. Hopefully soon we will be able to show you around the new CBR. Thank you for your patience and support!