Here is another example of a wheel repair and restoration. What the pictures don’t show are the extent of the damage. This wheel hit a pavement and inflicted deep scratches into the rim and brake track all the way around as well as a small puncture hole. We also supply all the decals specific to that model so in many cases it is possible to safely repair, restore and test at a approximately 5 x less then a Β£1500 wheel replacement. Any issues and the customer can sent it back.

You are seeing the first carbon bike repair diagnostic 4k image of a multi fracture repair. In addition to ultrasound this is the first of it’s kind adapted for Carbon Bike Repair to inspect hidden fractures and post repair quality control . Basically the even surface colour is an indicator of when new and the old carbon are integrated successfully. In other words – This Cannondale multi fracture top tube restoration has passed QC to specification of this model.

…resulting in meaningful warranty promises and ultimately your safety.

“Just picked my wheel up and I can’t believe the amazing job you guys have done. I honestly cannot see where the damage was and the wheel looks as good as new!
Thank you all so much. I shall definitely be recommending you!”

There is only one way to repair a carbon dropout and that is to replace the carbon with an injection molded part. Why? Carbon bikes are made approximately in 2 ways: Lay up for the tubes and injection moldings for the high pressure sections such as the dropouts, brake mounts, some front mech hangers. If these components are repaired in any other way they will most likely fail as the first picture shows – the 3rd attempt before sending it to us.