With a top tube fracture on my road bike, is it worth repairing and is it safe? If you use qualified carbon technicians and sprayers yes definitely. The repairs and paint restoration are indetectable and done to original finish. In this case our customer felt the graphics where too busy, so we neatened up the look for a cleaner end product.

Our warranty policy is clear but requires some clarification on the term ‘Normal riding.’ It was a damage limitation phrase derived by the powers-that-be in the legal departments regarding appropriate usage. Mountain bikes, in particular, fall foul to this when it comes to warranty claims. We know this because on occasion we have repaired BB’s which have collapsed only to get them back a week later. We then find out (via the grapevine) the the owner likes jumping off cliffs and the frame takes an ‘abnormal’ impact. ‘Normal riding’ would be trails and dirt roads or downhill courses but not stunt work. This is tricky to police so where do you stand when your bike breaks? It is really simple if your warranty is denied: Tell us that you are a cliff jumper and that it failed while you were jumping out of a plane over Blyde River Canyon. It is ok really! We will be sure to ‘beef up’ the repair so it can handle future knocks of this kind. I joke but you get the idea. You should never have to hide what you choose to do on your mountain bike. We will shore up any deficiencies there many be within reason, to ensure we don’t see you again. However don’t be surprised that an owner lifetime warranty is limited to certain repairs so do ask when you make enquiries. Happy riding.


Wheel designers are constantly looking for efficiencies but some current trends are turning out to be problematic. As with carbon clinchers I just wish they would put carbon spokes to bed now…I really don’t get it.
Apart from the fact that carbon spoked wheels are very expensive, in most cases you can’t replace or repair them. In my view carbon spokes are completely unnecessary and can actually be dangerous. For example we were looking at a crashed front wheel this morning and someone commented just how sharp and exposed the fractured ends are. In a rim failure alloy spokes tend to bend and buckle. Carbon spokes, due to the long fibre construction, snap but stay rigid. Even if some manufacturers re-enforce their spokes with kevlar they are still mighty sharp.
If I hit a pothole I don’t know how I would feel about landing on a porcupine…

Our customers defined us out of a need for repair and restoration which offered a safe and economical option to replacement back when carbon repair was in its infancy. As a business we responded effectively and now we find ourselves serving the same needs here in South Africa as part of a global carbon repair company with endorsements most others could only dream of.

However..we want to learn what YOU want from us. We are excited to show off the quality of our repairs and restoration so come and meet the team!


We bang on about quality all the time. We don’t often get an opportunity to share the difference between fake restoration and factory finishes. This Agron18 was not restored to Nitrogen specification and clearly the customer was not happy. As a result it gets sent to CBR to get corrected. We wouldn’t bother coming to work if we can’t AT LEAST replace the correct detail to a restoration project… Attention to detail is the clue to the standard of work under the paint…

I seem to be posting a fair bit of Colnago related stuff. This is not a true reflection on a various brands we work on every day. That said CBR have 2 of only 9 in the UK. Both suffered some sort of damage and require precise restoration.


If you read our blog you will find other examples similar to this fracture repair and restoration. The image is unfortunately inline with the handbars so we get a few per year. This is for a Sigma Sport client.


A roof rack incident has left this Wilier damaged in a highly detailed section of the downtube. The client required his bike to be repaired within 1 week if possible so he could attend a race in Europe the following week. We managed to repair, test and restore the graphics to original within a few days.

Guess which one? The other is an original finish.

It must be Colnago week for complex repairs. This frame suffered a massive head-on collision but after a full thermo scan we were able to confirm that only the head tube lugs and tube ends were damaged making it an economical repair. Lug bonded joints are always slighly more tricky to repair as you have 2 sets of repairs as opposed to only the tube intersections of a monocoque. We replaced and repaired the lugs in the traditional manner, rebonded and stress tested the frame slightly beyond the required pressures. Only once passed QC’d was it paint restored with particle specific Colnago metallic blue and flat white colours to finish the frame to perfection.

Yet another would-be-trashed bike with a safe new lease of life.

Written off, 2 major fractures, sheered seat post at the front mech moulding and chain stay snapped in half. Can it really come back to life and retain its original value??

It sure can. Nothing can replace qualified carbon technicians and sprayers. The repairs and paint restoration are indetectable using thermographic imaging and ultrasound. No wonder Colnago want CarbonBikeRepair to do all their restoration work in the UK.