Our warranty policy is clear but requires some clarification on the term ‘Normal riding.’ It was a damage limitation phrase derived by the powers-that-be in the legal departments regarding appropriate usage. Mountain bikes, in particular, fall foul to this when it comes to warranty claims. We know this because on occasion we have repaired BB’s […]

Wheel designers are constantly looking for efficiencies but some current trends are turning out to be problematic. As with carbon clinchers I just wish they would put carbon spokes to bed now…I really don’t get it. Apart from the fact that carbon spoked wheels are very expensive, in most cases you can’t replace or repair them. In […]

Our customers defined us out of a need for repair and restoration which offered a safe and economical option to replacement back when carbon repair was in its infancy. As a business we responded effectively and now we find ourselves serving the same needs here in South Africa as part of a global carbon repair […]

We bang on about quality all the time. We don’t often get an opportunity to share the difference between fake restoration and factory finishes. This Agron18 was not restored to Nitrogen specification and clearly the customer was not happy. As a result it gets sent to CBR to get corrected. We wouldn’t bother coming to […]

Good news for carbon bike owners in South Africa. Carbon Bike Repair will be operational as of 1st September 2017. We are taking ‘early bird’ bookings so if you want a quick quote please email to info@carbonbikerepair.co.za with some pictures. The new web address will be launched end of July: www.carbonbikerepair.co.za Welcome to you in […]

I seem to be posting a fair bit of Colnago related stuff. This is not a true reflection on a various brands we work on every day. That said CBR have 2 of only 9 in the UK. Both suffered some sort of damage and require precise restoration.  

If you read our blog you will find other examples similar to this fracture repair and restoration. The image is unfortunately inline with the handbars so we get a few per year. This is for a Sigma Sport client.

Many who searched online for a resolution to this issue are in for not-so-good news – It was a bad idea from the start to clear lacquer any naked carbon. Don’t get confused between shiny moulded race car surfaces. These are not painted. Only a well polished high pressure mold can create this clean finish. […]

EXPRESS SERVICE DOWNTUBE REPAIR & RESTORE A roof rack incident has left this Wilier damaged in a highly detailed section of the downtube. The client required his bike to be repaired within 1 week if possible so he could attend a race in Europe the following week. We managed to repair, test and restore the […]

Here are a few packing tips to help you with when it comes packing your carbon bike safely for courier delivery: Always use a dropout protector if you take the rear wheel off. It is a little plastic ‘stick’ that slots into the dropouts to stop the rear stays from being crushed in transit. Same […]