A few weeks ago we got a damaged Pinarello Dogma in with 5 fractures to the rear of the frame. Many hours later shes back to full strength and awaiting a new coat of paint.

A fairly common problem we see is stuck seat posts in carbon frames. Avoid grease when assembling your bike, especially on any carbon parts in the frame. Some greases have chemicals that attack the resin, in time this causes the post to swell and get stuck. Rather use a carbon specific assembly paste which contains […]

So the TREK is moving along nicely, got rolling chassis going to get an idea of how its going to look.

Time waits for no man, neither does the 94.7 start date. The Trek Project 6 has had some spectacular paint added, just a few details to sort then we can build her up. Very excited to finish this project off and be on the start line.

The Trek Domane Project 6 is well on its way to paint, first coats done and some exciting colour options on the way. Pink and blue inspiration just a teaser of the whats to come.

The Trek Domane Project 6 is in one piece and making its way to paint soon, the pink is just a teaser of whats to come. Next update in a few days. It’s going to be ridden at 94.7 so we better hurry.

  One of the most overlooked things when buying a carbon bike, is the torque settings on bolts. Aluminium and steel bikes are a lot more forgiving. If you plan on adjusting any bolts that can compress any carbon you should always use a torque wrench to avoid damaging the frame or components. You should […]

With a top tube fracture on my road bike, is it worth repairing and is it safe? If you use qualified carbon technicians and sprayers yes definitely. The repairs and paint restoration are indetectable and done to original finish. In this case our customer felt the graphics where too busy, so we neatened up the […]

Our warranty policy is clear but requires some clarification on the term ‘Normal riding.’ It was a damage limitation phrase derived by the powers-that-be in the legal departments regarding appropriate usage. Mountain bikes, in particular, fall foul to this when it comes to warranty claims. We know this because on occasion we have repaired BB’s […]

Wheel designers are constantly looking for efficiencies but some current trends are turning out to be problematic. As with carbon clinchers I just wish they would put carbon spokes to bed now…I really don’t get it. Apart from the fact that carbon spoked wheels are very expensive, in most cases you can’t replace or repair them. In […]