Not all damaged carbon bikes are beyond repair. Don’t discard them, regardless of what the bike shop tells you. You’ll be surprised..

The Trek Project 6 has done over 2000km, finished 5 x 100km races and is still in perfect condition. She is being retired.

We had an opportunity to repair an RS1 fork and at the same time give it a custom respray in KTM Orange. We love the result and we have another happy customer.  

A few months ago we started a sympathetic restoration, on a classic ONCE LOOK KG 171 Edition TdF rosé. Carbon technology has moved forward at such a massive speed, the aluminum lugged carbon frame is very much of the older manufacturing school. Four repairs to very thick, rather rigid carbon tubes and a fair amount […]

Can a loose bottom bracket shell be repaired? In most cases yes, press fit or threaded bottom brackets, we can fix them. So instead of getting rid of your carbon bike with a wobbly BB, bring it in so we can bring it back to it’s former glory.

Can you extend an integrated seatpost? One of our customers bought a Bianchi time trial bike that was previously owned by someone a little smaller. To make his setup correct, we added another 70 mm to the seatpost. This is a cost effective alternative to getting an entirely new frame or bicycle.

We got a Bianchi mountain bike in a couple of weeks ago, with a few small fractures and badly chipped paint. A couple of days of carbon repair and paint then hey presto, bike is reborn as a stunner. The customer was so happy we got another 5 star google review.

This past Saturday the CBR team were up a little earlier, 5h30 start time. We started off at a relaxed pace enjoying the Cradle of Humankind World heritage site along the way. This coming weekend,we are competing in another 100 km road race called the Fast One, should be a blast.

We recently repaired and resprayed a Santa Cruz for a customer, it turned out quite dramatic to say the least. He is very happy with it, many happy miles.

The Pinarello Dogma has been built up, to say we have a happy customer is a bit of an understatement. Many happy miles.