The Swift N-Gen respray, we like clients who have a clear idea of what they want so we can make their dreams a reality. After a consultation with our client, they mentioned they loved the luminous yellow colour of their existing bar tape. With that in mind we helped them pick a good contrasting colour […]

What happens when you take on a taxi with your carbon bike? This Pinarello FP 6 was involved in a head on collision and the taxi won. Fortunately the rider was not injured but the bike frame had a major head tube fracture down both sides and underneath. This is a very serious fracture, as […]

We don’t often see Santa Cruz frames at Carbon Bike Repair as they are built incredibly tough. This High tower frame had a large top tube fracture two thirds of its length. This was a strange fracture on a top tube of a mountain bike, especially the size of the fracture. It’s far more common […]

We recently received  a Pinarello Dogma frame that had a sizable fracture in the downtube at the water bottle mount. The repair was a little tricky as the shape is asymmetrical and took a little longer than usual to profile. After the repairs, we completed a two colour restoration to meet the clients budget. The […]

With the current lockdown we thought we would reminisce on some of last year’s highlights. We did the Sani2C Trail, one of the most amazing and best organised events on the South African MTB calendar. Brilliant trails and wonderful food made it rather memorable.

Carbon bicycle frames are great in many ways. However due to the nature of the material, they are susceptible to cables rubbing trough the paint and into the carbon fibre underneath. A bit of careful placement of frame protector film or leaving some extra cable underneath a bottom bracket shell can save your frame.  

Look carbon dropout repair

If you ever need an example of the level of competence within CBR here it is. A newly redesigned and injection moulded dropout to replace the original Look design. Why did we change it? The left picture shows the original carbon dropout which is poor frankly. You can’t, without considerable risk, re-align the hanger without […]