This seat post was stuck in the frame, excessive force was used to try and remove the seat post and caused two fractures on either side of the post clamping bolt. If your seat post gets stuck inside the frame, before you try force it out stop and think. You can destroy your frame very quickly. When we get enquiries about stuck seat posts, the following question usually follows:Β  Why did this happen?

Using the wrong type of compound inside the seat tube. We use a good quality carbon assembly compound to inhibit corrosion

This works with both aluminium seat posts in carbon frames and carbon seat posts in carbon frames, by stopping the seat post moving once it has been torqued correctly. The other likely cause is using grease on carbon components, the grease penetrates the resin effectively causing it to expand, this then causes the seat post to become stuck.

Most of the time, with a bit of time and care, you can remove the seat post and repair any damage caused. On the rare occasion the seat post needs to be destroyed in order to save the frame.

Once the seat post was removed we repaired the carbon fractures and restored the paint to factory finish.