Many who searched online for a resolution to this issue are in for not-so-good news – It was a bad idea from the start to clear lacquer any naked carbon. Don’t get confused between shiny moulded race car surfaces. These are not painted. Only a well polished high pressure mold can create this clean finish. When carbon was first used in bike manufacturing they understandably wanted to show the material off. The problem with carbon is the waxy resin surface which forms as an outer skin on the frame which cannot hold clear lacquers for very long. A bit like trying to spray onto nylon..There are a few clear coat primers out there but none very effective as far as we know.

The modern way to show carbon weave is to tint the carbon with a darker primer. This provides better grip and you can just about see the grain coming through. My advice is if you like your blistering frame then the best way would be to go this route but please don’t attempt a fresh clear lacquer respray. You are throwing good money after bad.